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    All-in-One Platform for AI Content and Images

    Engage in a conversation with your personal AI chat assistant. Define your assistants persona and choose who you engage with.

    Your personal assistant

    Chat with Personality

    Experience the potential of advancing your content strategy by chatting with your marketing assistant, writing assistant, personal chef, or any persona you'd like.

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    Custom Personas
    Define your own persona and set the mindset for your chat to get a more tailored and focused assistant. Try "You are an expert marketing assistant" and have it take lead on your companies marketing efforts
    Create Unlimited Chats
    Create unlimited chats without any limitations. Want a chat dedicated for marketing? How about a business coach? Boost your creativity without constraints
    GPT Powered
    Powered by the latest, most powerful language model. GPT excels in reliability, creativity, and handling nuanced instructions. Leverage that power to boost your content output and marketing quality
    Historical Conversations
    Retain a historical log of all your chats and engage with them at any time.
    Unleash your creativity alongside AI to streamline brainstorming sessions, enabling you to focus on refining your innovative ideas and bringing them to life.
    Large chat memory
    With the capacity to handle over 25,000 words of text, it opens up endless possibilities for creating engaging long-form content, having extended conversations with clients, and analyzing important documents with ease.

    Create quality content faster with Inkmate

    Amplify your blog posts, Facebook Ads, product pages, and break through writers block


    Tailored for Writers

    Leverage Inkmate's Long-Form content generation to enhance your writing productivity and output. Anything from SEO Optimized Articles, blog posts, ad copies, business writing, and more


    Ads that Convert

    Use the power of AI to to create ad copies for your brand or business that convert. Break through the writers block and unlockthe creativity of generating original, quality Ads that will catch the eye of your audience.


    Built-In AI Detection

    Analyze your content to ensure originality. Use advanced AI detection to check if any text has been written with AI.


    Built-In AI Detection

    A trained model that detects if text has been generated by Artificial Intelligence. Be in the know on the originality of text and ensure your content is undetectable.

    Keep your content original and authentic to your brand
    Stand out from other AI writers in the sea of AI content. Keep your content unique to your company
    Stay under the radar of search algorithms that look for AI text and keep your SEO high
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    Everything you need

    Content that Scales

    Streamline your content generation with ease for all your applications

    Grow Your Content Output
    Write more efficiently and exponentially scale your writing output with over 50 tailored writing tools
    Rank higher with SEO Optimized articles
    Inkmate writes around keywords of your choice to make sure it hits your target audience and ranks higher on search
    Built-In AI Detection
    Ensure your content is original and up to quality. Analyze text from outside or within Inkmate and gauge the likelihood of AI's presence
    Inkpaint Image Creation
    Access to Inkpaint, our art and image creator fed by your creativity. Create images for your social media, landing pages, or for fun
    Content with a personality
    Enhance your delivery by choosing a tone to give your writing a voice
    Write with Ease
    Use Inkmate's Google Docs Style Editor paired with Grammarly to comfortably create all your writing needs
    Worldwide Content 🌎
    Communicate your content worldwide with over 135 different languages
    Social Media Marketing
    Create social media in posts for all your channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

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    35,000 words + 25 images
    • 50+ Writing Tools
    • 135+ Languages
    • Inkpaint Creation
    • Google Docs Style Editor
    • SEO Optimization
    • Social Media Generation
    • Unlimited documents
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    • Inkmates Team Collaboration
    • 1M+ words per month
    • 50+ Writing Tools
    • Inkpaint Creation
    • 135+ Languages
    • 500 Images a month
    • SEO Optimization
    • Google Docs Style Editor
    • Social Media Generation
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    Frequently asked questions

    Looking for more info? Feel free to email us anytime at info@inkmate.ai

      • Do I need a credit card for my trial?

        Nope! Inkmate is 100% free to get started, no commitments - cancel anytime.

      • Does Inkmate offer an affiliate program?

        Our team is working on an affiliate program to give back to our users and improve our platform. Email us at affiliate@inkmate.ai for more info on how to get started.

      • Getting started with Inkmate?

        Learn more at inkmate.ai/blog for tips, tutorials and how you can use inkmate to scale your content.

      • Which payment methods do you accept?

        We currently accept Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Discover credit cards.

      • Do you offer customer support?

        Yes, for any questions or issues please email support@inkmate.ai, we're happy to help!

      • How is Inkmate different than other AI Writers?

        With Inkmate, you get a premium quality platform that provides you all the tools and features needed to efficiently produce quality content. We provide full access to editors, tools, images, marketing generators and more all in one subscription. You only pay for more words. We also allow you to get started without a credit card so you can experience the difference.

      • How often does Inkmate get new features?

        We're constantly listening to our supporters and releasing new features weekly. Have a feature request you'd like to see? Let us know at info@inkmate.ai.